The US Military is the most powerful in the world due to sophisticated technology, skills, and investment into state of the art assets. US Warfighters now have a wide array of technology at their disposal making them more efficient and effective. However, these new advances come at a very steep and direct cost, widely known as the “Weight of Warfare”.
US Warfighters on average carry over 60 pounds of weight on short patrols, often doubling (120 lbs) or nearly tripling (168 lbs) on extended excursions. PEO solider once concluded that an Airborne Soldier during “Operation Enduring Freedom” would likely carry 16 pounds of batteries (7types) for every 72-hour mission. With such drastic amounts on weight being placed on warfighters, physical demands and tactical performance issues are constant and plaguing throughout the armed forces.
Evoke, was founded on finding practical solutions to decrease the amount of weight every solider had to carry to make their job easier and reduce health problems. A solar powered pack system was then designed. Through extensive research and development and strategic partnerships, a pack design was created utilizing second generation thin film solar panels that met the criteria of the US military (durability, power output, signature). We blended this new mobile power generation with a proprietary battery system that was easily manipulated to charge an eclectic range of electronics.
Soon after, we began experimenting with various designs and technologies that could aide in the various other reoccurring problems Warfighters had such as durability, balance, and ergonomics. Through years of testing and evaluating through operators we have created the most advanced and ergonomic pack system in the market. Since our initial launch, we have undergone various other projects that provide operators around the world a heightened advantage.
Evoke takes pride in solving everyday issues with intelligently designed performance and safety products. Combining proven military technologies and scientific advances into durable cost-effective solutions for professionals. Through our strategic partnerships, exclusive licensing agreements, and our own in-house research and development staff, we carefully craft products to meet the demands of the modern-day warrior.